#TenDaystoZero: Launch Day!

This past Friday, November 13th, we launched Ten Days to Zero, our PIH Engage network-wide fundraising campaign to raise $250,000 in support of comprehensive treatment for tuberculosis (TB). Even though such effective treatment exists, TB remains one of the world's deadliest communicable diseases, killing 1.5 million people each year. That's 4000 people a day, an unnecessary and unacceptable statistic.

Partners in Health has devised a community-based approach, using community health workers to deliver treatment and support to patients worldwide. The Ten Days to Zero campaign is an important step in continuing that work and getting one step closer to our dream of a world with zero TB deaths. Money raised during this fundraiser will go to support programs such as Socios En Salud's Cero TB project, designed to achieve zero TB deaths as a milestone in Carabayllo, Peru. 

Ten Days to Zero could not be possible without the help of PIH Engage teams around the country, whose passion for the right to health has motivated their commitment to our campaign. In preparation for the launch of our campaign, many teams met to discuss fundraising strategies, held social events, and threw launch parties. We talked to several teams around the country to hear about the amazing ways they have kicked off Ten Days to Zero in high gear.

Binghamton University


The PIH Engage team at Binghampton University threw a launch party last Thursday evening, with a guest speaker to talk about TB and time set aside to make individual fundraising videos. Allison Longo, a member of the Binghamton team said, "It was inspiring to come together and learn exactly about what we are fundraising for."

University of Wisconsin, Madison


In the spirit of giving thanks, the UW Madison team threw a Ten Days to Zero launch party alongside "Friendsgiving" last Friday as an opportunity to celebrate what they're thankful for while also reflecting on why they care about the right to health. In addition to launching fundraising pages, and discussing TB, they talked about the importance of story-sharing as an effective way to raise awareness and increase TB treatment.

Fort Collins

​On launch day, Fort Collins also held a kick-off event, complete with a documentary about TB. Tying the screening into community-building exercises, the Fort Collins PIH Engage team asked everyone to bring a list of people for personal fundraising asks, to facilitate the process of building platforms and getting started.

Duke University
​Last Monday, Duke University's PIH Engage team got the ball rolling by compiling both personal and collective team videos for their fundraising platforms. On Friday night, they kept up the momentum with an informal social event on campus, collaborating with a food truck vendor who agreed to giving 10% of their proceeds to the team. The team answered questions about PIH's work and encouraged people to sign up for the campaign, the event was a huge success.

In the words of Elsa Lilja, Team Coordinator of the Duke team, "this is the first time doing personal fundraising for many . . . but we are glad to have the support of our whole team. Having it be a collective effort is mobilizing." 

University of Hawaii

Since their team is fairly new, PIH Engagers at the University of Hawaii recently combined their retreat with preparations for Ten Days to Zero. Earlier last week, they also held a launch party to put fundraising pages together, discuss fundraising strategies, and share personal stories. The team's community building lead, Thomas reflected on the event, "A 1000 mile jounrey begins with a step, but because it's such a big goal, I believe we can make it if we keep doing our best." 

With all of these teams on board and the help of other PIH Engagers around the country, Ten Days to Zero is off to a great start! But with over a week left in our campaign, we still need YOU. Will you join the fight to end TB? 

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