#TenDaystoZero: How did we do?

We set a goal. We wanted to raise $250,000 to go towards ending tuberculosis (TB) in PIH's clinical sites worldwide. We gave ourselves ten days. 

The week and a half between November 13th and November 22nd was a powerful demonstration of our collective ability as a grassroots network to take action and build a campaign like nothing we've ever run before.


In this short period of time, PIH Engage teams and members around the country sent thousands of videos, made hundreds of phone calls, and held countless fundraising events to make Ten Days to Zero a success.

We did not reach our goal--but we ended up raising $101,457 within 10 days, and are still counting! That's an incredible amount! With more than 350 campaigns launched and more than 1,800 donations made, our network-wide accomplishments over those ten days deserve to be recognized and applauded. 


Our top five fundraisers raised over $10,000! Shout out to Myriam ShehataLydia LutzJulianna LeeCaroline Hayse, and Emily Kelly for all of their hard work!

Here in the PIH Engage national office, we could not be more proud of how people have stepped up to the plate. Community Organizer Justin Mendoza said, "The best feeling from this campaign came from seeing teams who had just started this fall see great success by opening and running personal fundraising pages. These groups proved time and time again that as long as you put in the effort, you can be super successful in fundraising."

Myriam Shehata, Team Coordinator at Vanderbilt University, led the charge and currently has raised more than $4,000 on her personal fundraising page. The Vanderbilt team raised in total $10,688 -- even though their team formed just this fall. 

“Getting started with personal fundraising is hard and scary but once you get over the hump and actually do it, it gets so much easier and quickly starts snowballing!” Myriam reflected after the end of the official campaign. She has continued to leave her page open for donations. 

In creating blog posts about #TenDaystoZero, volunteer Minnie Jang also remarked, "It was such a joy to interview and speak with different PIH Engagers about their fundraising experiences because their dedication to this campaign was clearly evident, even just over the phone."

Looking back on Ten Days to Zero, our goal was an ambitious one. But we're not going to stop here! The official campaign may have ended, but our belief in the right to health is stronger than ever

So what now?

$250,000 is still a number that means a lot for Partners In Health's work to fight tuberculosis at our sites. These funds allow us to set up the right stuff, staff, and systems to scale up and treat TB.

To stop this disease from continuing to kill 4000 people every day, we've decided to keep all personal fundraising pages running through January 10th! The core Ten Days to Zero campaign might be over, but the fight to end TB is far from done.

Join us as we keep up the fight and carry the energy from this campaign into the next month!


To freshen up the look for your campaign, share your link on social media with #PovertyMakesYouSick, the new campaign for all of PIH's work, and be sure to include the link to your personal fundraising page! 

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