Team Coordinator Manual: focused on the community organizing concepts and leadership skills that are indispensable for Community Coordinators.

Public Narrative Guide: Lead your team through a Public Narrative workshop using this guide to Story of Self, Story of Us, and Story of Now.

Kick-off Retreat Guide: Get your team together after the Training Institute at the start of the campaign year to build a shared sense of commitment, set common goals, and plan for the months ahead.

Midpoint Review Webinar: We ended 2015 with a lot to be excited about: numerous letters to the editor, a campaign that raised over $100,000 in just ten days, bigger and stronger teams, and more. On this webinar, we recap these successes and look forward to the year ahead. Slides available here!

Partners In Health Social Media Guide: Please read this and make sure that you follow these guidelines in your use of social media through your chapters.

Partners In Health Branding Guide: Please refer to this to stay consistent with PIH Engage branding and visual presentation. Need a way to add your team name to the logo with the proper font? In Google Chrome, use Pixlr Editor - it has the font built in.  

PIH Engage Logos: Download the updated 2015 PIH Engage logos for use on any branded material you create this year.

Partners In Health One-Pager: You can use this updated one-pager to share the work of Partners In Health with new members, at events, or with donors. Greyscale version here.

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