The Team Coordinator is at the center of a PIH Engage team’s structure, leading and enabling others to become leaders themselves. While it is imperative to build strong teams with autonomous and capable leaders, the responsibility for a successful campaign ultimately falls on the Team Coordinator. You will be responsible for painting the vision of your local campaign, recruiting the leadership team necessary to execute that campaign, building a shared story and strategy around the campaign, and coaching and supporting the team all along the way. You will liaise with your leadership team, members, and the national team. You will be expected to hold regular meetings with your team and local leadership, participate in training webinars led by the PIH Engage National Team in Boston, and participate in twice-monthly coaching calls with a member of the PIH Engage National Team. 

To step into the role of a Team Coordinator is a big step, but one that comes with lots of support:

  1. You're joining a network of over 80 other teams and Team Coordinators who are working on organizing their communities for the right to health.
  2. You'll attend our 2016 Training Institute from August 12-14 in Boston, MA, where you'll get trained on best practices and tools to make your team successful.
  3. You'll have continued support in the form of twice monthly coaching calls and online tools from PIH staff to help make your campaigns a success. 

As a Team Coordinator, you'll help lead a team of others from your community in a pursuit of advancing the right to health. You'll raise thousands of dollars for Partners In Health, meet with your member of Congress to advance global health policy, and educate members of your community on health equity. See perspectives of current Team Coordinators in our blog series: A Passion to Lead (part 1)(part 2)(part 3). 

Apply Today to become a PIH Engage Team Coordinator & start a team in your area!

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