Take Action

Take Action for the Right to Health!

There are many ways to take action with PIH Engage. Take a moment today to join a team or event, host an event, open a personal fundraising page, or take advocacy action to add your voice to the movement for the right to health.

See the many actions that you can take to make a difference: 

  • Join one of our PIH Engage teams to start working on campaigns for the right to health movement, with real people in your area! 
  • Find and join a PIH Engage event near you! Whether it be a fundraiser, a social, or a rally—these events are an opportunity to engage in the movement in your community.
  • Host an event to raise funds, advocate, or educate your community!
  • Our story is one of advocates, fundraisers, and community builders working to create a movement for the right to health. Check out the blog to hear the voices of individuals and teams within our network and get inspired to take action in your community.
  • Join the We Will Deliver! Personal Fundraising campaign during the month of November, 2016. We will be raising funds to support the operation of the Pleebo Health center in Maryland County, Liberia, where PIH is working on delivering cutting edge maternal and child health care.