Saving Access to Essential Medicines

Thank you for taking the action to save access to essential medicines by making calls to your Senators to stop TPA. Share your stories with us--so we can learn about, and share your experiences with the whole network!

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  • Mk Austin, PA, MPH
    commented 2015-06-23 10:36:24 -0400
    I did one round of calling last PM and was able to leave msgs. at all but 2 of the Senator’s offices. This AM, I did a second round calls, which I have just finished. All eleven Senator’s offices received the information, with most having a real person available. I was encouraged to hear that many Senator’s were aware of the dangers of the “Fast Track”/TPA legislation, with several stating their Senator was very opposed and would definitely vote NO.

    I identified that I was a Pediatric PA w/advanced public health training, and was affiliated w/ Partners in Health Engage, Harvard. I also shared some recent research presented by Dr. Owen Ozier, World Bank(April 2015, Georgetown University), which showed that early deworming of children in Kenya produced improvements in cognitive functioning, improved health, and improved school attendance in school aged children. Currently, a child can be dewormed in Kenya for less than $0.05, a nickel! However, this excellent, safe intervention depends on generic medications remaining low cost, and high quality.

    The “Fast Track” option for the Trade Promotion Authority(TPA) will take Congress out of the negotiation loop, will increase the power of BigPharma, and may undermine generics, on which many patients, worldwide, depend. Generic medications that are high quality and low-cost are the lifeline for many US patients and for many in the developing world. Put the patients first …

    (position is based on information supplied by Partners In Health, Engage yesterday) – MKA
  • Cyril 'Sonrisa' Patra
    commented 2015-06-22 20:32:18 -0400
    The sample calling script was very helpful. I used it to leave all the senators voicemails as I checked my email late and the offices were closed by the time I had a chance to call. I tried to call the number for Senator Claire McCaskill a couple times but it went to a strange voicemail. Also, Senator Michael Bennet’s voicemail inbox was full so I was unable to leave a voicemail.