Join the PIH Engage Steering Committee and help us drive the movement for the right to health. 

We are looking for new members to serve on the 2018-2019 PIH Engage steering committee. This is an opportunity for leaders from around the network to serve in a national-level leadership role, helping guide the activities, campaigns, and priorities of our network.

Expectations for Steering Committee Members: Steering committee members will coach teams on advocacy, fundraising, and community building campaigns through monthly calls with 5-8 assigned teams from the PIH Engage network. Steering committee members will also join monthly calls to discuss priorities for advocacy, fundraising, and community building. They will stay in contact between these calls through consistent email communication, and will commit to serve on the steering committee for one calendar year, at least through December 2018. The estimated time commitment will be 10-15 hours per month.

Timeline: Applications are due by November 7, 2017, followed by interviews. The first steering committee call will be planned for December 2017.

Apply here by November 7, 2017 to join the 2018-2019 PIH Engage Steering Committee.

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