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Join the PIH Engage Steering Committee and help us drive the movement for the right to health. 

Starting in early 2017, PIH Engage will recruit our first ever PIH Engage steering committee. This is an opportunity for leaders from around the network to serve in a national-level leadership role, helping guide the activities, campaigns, and priorities of our network. In total, we're offering 13 different positions on the 2017 Steering committee. Read below to see the roles and responsibilities for each. 

Expectations for Steering Committee Members: Steering committee members will join calls 2x monthly to discuss priorities for advocacy, fundraising, and community building, they will stay in contact between these calls through consistent email communication, and will commit to serve on the steering committee for one calendar year, at least through December 2017. 

Timeline: Applications are due by December 23, 2016. Interviews begin on January 3, 2017. The first steering committee call will be planned for the week of January 9th, 2017.

Steering Committee Positions:

Steering Committee Co-Chair (2 positions): 

The Steering Committee Co-Chairs will lead the organizing of the steering committee, maintain and facilitate contact with PIH staff, and provide support to other positions as needed. They will call to order steering committee meetings twice a month and check in with the committee members to see how projects and priorities are moving along. These folks will need to be organized, have preferably been or currently are a Team Coordinator, and have a good understanding of what PIH Engage is all about

Advocacy Co-Chair (2 positions):

The Advocacy Co-Chairs will lead the process of building, implementing, and monitoring progress for PIH Engage advocacy campaigns. You will help maintain contact with partner advocacy organizations like RESULTS and think of creative advocacy efforts that can be used across the network. Ideally you will come into this role having been an Advocacy Lead for a PIH Engage team, with a keen interest in political advocacy for the right to health. You will have held meetings with members of Congress' offices, have written Letters to the Editor, and have thought strategically about how to build advocacy campaigns designed to get what you want. 

Community Building Co-Chair (2 positions):

The Community Building Co-Chairs will lead the training and implementation of organizing, recruitment, and retainment best practices for PIH Engage teams across the country. You'll think of and plan a calendar of days and events that chapters can hold in solidarity, and encourage the use of the PIH Engage Global Health Curriculum. You'll also help troubleshoot recruitment efforts and build in some fun to keep the movement moving. Ideal candidates are Community Building Leads or those who have worked hard to create a fun, energetic, and inspired group in their PIH Engage team. 

Fundraising Co-Chair (2 positions):

The Fundraising Co-Chairs will lead our grassroots fundraising efforts through Strides in Solidarity for 2017 and will help plan our fall personal fundraising campaign. You'll provide teams across the country with support on good event fundraising tactics, connect with PIH development staff to ensure that the PIH Engage campaigns run smoothly, and will set goals and monitor progress on fundraising throughout the year. Ideal candidates have been Fundraising Leads in the past, or have been successful fundraisers - they're not afraid to tell about their personal fundraising success, and are excited about raising funds for PIH's work.

Lead Organizer (4 positions):

A Lead Organizer will exist for each position on the leadership of a PIH Engage Team: Team Coordinator Organizer, Advocacy Lead Organizer, Fundraising Lead Organizer, and Community Building Lead Organizer. Lead Organizers will be responsible for ensuring that chapters maintain contact with the Steering Committee. One  Lead Organizers will create a regular schedule of monthly calls for Team leaders to hop on and exchange ideas. They will create agendas before these calls that bring information from the steering committees to our teams and report back to the steering committee about our teams in order to track progress. Lead organizers will recruit facilitators from the network to be on the calls. Ideal candidates will have experience in the lead position they hope to organize calls for, and will have a passion for communicating with the network.

Webmaster (1 position): 

The webmaster will help maintain content, update the blog, and track membership with our NationBuilder platform at engage.pih.org. They will receive training from PIH staff, maintain contact with PIH's webmaster, and will be responsible for writing and recruiting writers for the blog. Ideal candidates will have at least a limited familiarity with HTML, and an interest in keeping the website and communications up and running.

Apply below by December 23, 2016 to join the 2017 PIH Engage Steering Committee: