Ebola Teach-in and Action

1.4 million. That is how many are projected TO DIE from EBOLA if response efforts are not increased NOW. 

 The good news is there is something you can do to help increase those response efforts and stop Ebola from spreading. Partners in Health Engage San Diego Community Chapter is holding a Teach-in and Action event on 

 Tuesday, October 14th from 7pm - 9pm in Hardy Tower room 022 on the San Diego State University Campus. See directions below. 

 Together we will be take action in support of Partners in Health as they build Ebola Treatment Units and work with Liberia's Ministry of Health to curb the spread of disease. We will also be discussing the crisis through varying perspectives including:

  • Historical
  • Political
  • Biological
  • The current crisis
  • How the world has responded
  • What we are missing to effectively stop the disease from spreading

 Oh yeah, and we will provide you with dinner too! … FREE FOOD!!

 If you cannot make it out for our event, we ask that you raise your voice and your support against Ebola through creating your own Partners in Health fundraising page. In only 5 minutes you can create a page and copy the link to your Facebook, Twitter account, etc to encourage your family and friends to donate to stop Ebola. It will require no further effort on your part, but to simply copy and paste your link to as many locations as possible to get the word out that you care about this crisis and you want it to end. 

 Click here for the link to the fundraising page builder: 



 Come, bring a friend, and together we can help end the spread of this deadly disease.

 In Solidarity,

The Partners in Health Engage San Diego Community Chapter 


DIRECTIONS TO Hardy Tower classroom 022:

Use this interactive map: https://sunspot.sdsu.edu/map/display.cgi?scaleFrom=medium&zoom=low&zoomX=1521&zoomY=713

  1. Park in parking lot 4 and enter the campus through level 4 sky walkway
  2. Go through the Commons and towards the street
  3. Walk up “Hilltop Way” (the hill) toward the library
  4. Turn Left at the big open courtyard towards the large Arched walkway
  5. Walk under the arch and proceed through the courtyard to the far building 
  6. Turn left and enter into the decorated double doors
  7. Follow signs the rest of the way to the classroom 


October 14, 2014 at 7pm - 9pm
Hardy Tower room 022 San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Dr
San Diego, CA 92115
United States
Google map and directions
Renee Cooper · · (805) 300-0030
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