Ready to Launch -- PIH Engage 2014-2015 Campaign

This weekend, September 4th - 7th, will mark the launch of the third annual PIH Engage Training Institute and we couldn't be more excited. This is significant because this is the third year for our organizing program. But, it's even more exciting because of the expansion of depth and scale that we've undergone as a grassroots organization and movement. 




In just three years, we've grown from literally a handful of volunteers in PIH's Boston offices to a massive grassroots organization with strong chapters in 100 communities across the country. 

This weekend's Training Institute will involve more than 150 organizers and attendees from these teams across the country. We've got a jam-packed schedule including training on public narrative, strategy, coaching, one-on-one meetings, advocacy, fundraising, and communications. This will be a three-day gathering of community organizers committed to learning together, building shared skills, and driving collective action behind Partners In Health’s work of providing high-quality healthcare to the poor.

This weekend we will cover a variety of topics and skills that will enable PIH Engage leaders to drive forward a strategic yearlong campaign. We’ll learn how to become effective organizers, how to share our public narrative, how to meet with members of Congress, how to hold an effective one-to-one meeting, how to relay a compelling fundraising ask, and more. Through these workshops, keynotes, and lectures, we’ll build a base of organizing skills, the relationships that will hold our network together in times of uncertainty, and vision we’ll need to succeed.

Partners In Health has dedicated time and resources to PIH Engage and this Training Institute because building a movement for the right to health is fundamental to our mission and strategic plan. We need each of our organizers to build communities across the country to amplify Partners In Health’s innovative delivery work. We need to change the discourse around global health and teach a rights-based approach; we need to put pressure on our Congressional leaders to reform foreign aid; we need to bring resources that will allow PIH to continue the essential delivery work on the ground.

We can’t do it without you. 


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