Introducing: the PIH Engage Steering Committee!

In 2017, for the first time, PIH Engage is empowering a group of strong leaders from around the network to take on unique roles that will help guide the future of our grassroots organization. These leaders come from many different backgrounds around the network and from all over the country.

In this blog post, we're excited to introduce you to the Steering Committee members who will serve through 2017, and we hope you're as excited as we are to envision the future of PIH Engage together with them.


Steering Committee Co-Chairs:

Hannah_Circle2.pngHannah Lieberman - 
Hannah is a recent graduate of Tufts University with a B.A. in Community Health and Child Study and Human Development. She is pursuing her Masters in Public Health at the Tufts University School of Medicine, concentrating in Health Services Management and Policy. In 2014, Hannah co-founded the Tufts University chapter of PIH Engage and served as co-Team Coordinator until January 2016. She believes deeply in the need for global health equity and is incredibly excited to be working with PIH Engage again to continue to advance health as a human right. Email Hannah here



 Annika Van Gilder - Annika Van Gilder: Annika founded and served as Team Coordinator for the University of Washington team from 2013-2016. She studied Medical Anthropology at UW. Now she's part of the young professionals Engage team in Seattle and working at Sea Mar Community Health Centers as an executive assistant. Outside of work, she's cooking, listening to political podcasts, or walking around rainy (sometimes sunny) Seattle. Email Annika here.




Fundraising Co-Chairs:

Mika_Circle.pngMika Koch - Mika is an undergrad at Stanford University majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Human Rights. She is currently the Team Coordinator for Stanford’s PIH Engage chapter and was Education Lead from 2015-2016. She serves on Stanford’s Center for Innovation and Global Health Think Tank, and was selected to the planning committee of their Annual Research Convening.  For the prior two years, she worked for One by One, a Seattle based international NGO focused on eradicating fistula in East Africa. This past summer she worked in a referral hospital in Siaya, Kenya assisting surgeries and accompanying local volunteers on community house visits focused on improving sanitation. She firmly believes in PIH’s motto that “Health is a Human Right,” and that social justice is an integral part of approaching sustainable health care. She is committed to a life of international service. Email Mika here.




Cody Prosperini - Cody has served as a Co-Fundraising Lead at Vanderbilt University since their team's founding in 2015. He is from Springfield, Illinois, and is studying Political Science and History during his time at Vanderbilt. Cody spent his high school years bouncing from one service organization to another but feels he has found a home at Partners In Health Engage. Email Cody here




 Community Building Co-Chairs: 


Paulina Lange - Paulina Lange: Paulina served as a Team Coordinator from 2014-2016, and a Fundraising Lead in 2016 for the Boston Young Professionals team. She studied biology as an undergraduate and is currently a research project manager in breast oncology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. PIH's right to health movement has allowed her to meet some inspiring individuals and friends, and she is excited to continue to make even more of those connections while supporting PIH Engage's work in the coming year.




Vincent Lin (@VincentLinGHE) - Vincent is a member of the Harvard College PIH Engage Team and a junior studying global health and health policy, anthropology, and biology at Harvard. He also serves the Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors as International Outreach Coordinator. He's focused on justice, equity, and building the movement for the right to health. Email Vincent here.





Advocacy Co-Chairs:



Rania Ali - Rania served as an Advocacy Lead for Brown University’s chapter of PIH Engage from 2016 to 2017. She is a student at Brown University studying public health who has a passion for health equity. Rania is located in Rochester, NY. When Rania is not studying, she’s either spending time with family, reading, or baking. Email Rania here.




Elliot Eton - Elliot Eton is the current Advocacy Lead of Harvard’s chapter of Partners in Health Engage. He is an undergraduate in the college and studies Chemical and Physical Biology. He is particularly interested in immersing himself at the intersection of bench research, bedside medicine, and community policymaking. He has seen how students have a voice and can spark change – pushing the envelope and changing the status quo. He is thrilled to join the PIH Engage Steering Committee to help build and lead effective advocacy campaigns. Email Elliot here.  




Lead Organizers:

Team Coordinators: 

Samantha_Circle.pngSamantha Levano - Samantha has served as the Team Coordinator for the Fordham chapter of PIH Engage from 2016-2017 and has been an active member since our team gained official club status in 2015. As a double major in Biology and Humanitarian Studies, she hopes to graduate from Fordham and go on to pursue a Masters in Public Health with a focus on Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Living and learning in the Bronx, Sam enjoys teaching health education to local high schools and playing ultimate Frisbee every week with her team on campus. Whether behind the scenes or on the forefront of strengthening health systems, she continually strives to support every individual’s right to health and believes that PIH Engage has the unique opportunity to change the tides for global health equity. 




Kimberly Cronin - Kimberly is a founding member of the Vanderbilt University chapter of PIH Engage, and served as its fundraising lead from 2015 to 2017. While she is originally from a suburb of Boston, Ma, she is now in Nashville, Tn at Vanderbilt University. Currently, she is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Medicine, Health, and Society, and hopes to take her degrees and experience with PIH Engage to continue to build the right to health movement. Email Kimberly here.





 Melissa Chacko - Melissa served as the Advocacy Lead for the Binghamton Chapter from Fall 2015 to Fall 2016. Melissa is a senior majoring in Biological Anthropology and a minor in Africana Studies at Binghamton University. Melissa will be based in New York City for the Spring 2017 semester. Melissa is passionate about the right to health movement and her tenacity is probably every staffer's worst nightmare. She is excited to collaborate with engagers to capitalise on the power of constituents' voices in health policy.  Email Melissa here.



Community Building:


 Heather Street - Heather is a third year serving as the current Fundraising Lead at the University of Georgia PIH Engage Chapter. She is a cellular biology major and women's studies minor with Pre-Veterinary intent. After her undergraduate career, she intends on getting a dual DVM/MPH degree because she is very passionate in being a part of the "One Health" movement. Heather is excited to make her impact on building the Right to Health movement even as a college student. She can be reached by message on Facebook or email Heather here.

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