We are currently accepting New Team Coordinator applications!

You can apply to lead a new team at your University by reading the following description and filling out the application.

Note: Though we'd love to expand internationally, we are currently only accepting applications for U.S. based PIH Engage Teams. 

Team Coordinator Requirements:

  1. Available in current city/town during the next three semesters
  2. Able to commit to 8-10 hours per week minimum
  3. Attend full Training Institute in Boston in August (limited need-based financial aid is available for those who apply)
  4. Attend monthly coaching calls
  5. Attend online training webinars
  6. Must have 1 dedicated faculty advisor, expected to attend coaching calls with student leader
  7. Have established network of potentially interested individuals in the location in which you will be organizing
  8. Passion for advancing the movement for global health equity, and a drive to persist through significant challenges



  1. Work with National Team to create year-long campaign strategy
  2. Build a leadership team committed to executing the strategy
  3. Set clear fundraising, advocacy, and community-building goals and campaign milestones to meet those goals
  4. Interface with key community leaders and work with them to contribute to the campaign goals, as needed


  1. Hold, at minimum, twice monthly meetings/discussions using the PIH Engage Global Health Curriculum
  2. Plan, at minimum, two advocacy actions throughout the year (for example, hosting a call-in day where people contact their Congressional offices on a specific topic)
  3. Hold a "Strides in Solidarity" 5K run or walk-a-thon in the spring at your school.


  1. Be available and in communication with the National Team via email and phone/Skype
  2. Link team to the broader movement and ensure team participation in national webinars
  3. Consistently prepare for critical discussion on team progress with National Team during coaching calls
  4. Facilitate team communication on ongoing progress
  5. Contribute consistent feedback to the National Team about progress, challenges, and successes

Adviser Expectations:

  1. Join twice-monthly coaching calls with national team
  2. Assist student club in booking spaces, navigating technical issues, and accountability
  3. Be in attendance at events held by the students throughout the semester
  4. Help recruit new, passionate students to the cause every year
  5. It is highly encouraged for advisers to attend the August Training Institute