We Will Deliver! Week 2 Spotlight: Hawaii

We're coming to the end of week 2 here are We Will Deliver! campaign headquarters, and we're psyched to see how many teams have been making huge strides towards their campaign fundraising goal.

We've got plenty of teams who have surpassed the $1,000 mark, and with nearly 200 active fundraisers, we're a third of our way to our network-wide goal of $100,000 for the month!

Hungry for some tips and tricks from the network? This week we're highlighting the rock-star team at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Team Coordinator Nick Menuno and Fundraising Co-Leads Sylvia Koo and Jacky Chun shared their success, struggles, and recommendations for teams getting started with Personal Fundraising:

Q: What got your team excited about this campaign? How did you motivate your team to take action?

Nick: PIH Engage at the University of Hawaii at Manoa was excited about working together alongside other motivated national teams to progress maternal and child health globally. It is inspiring to see the passion and drive of other PIH Engage teams and individuals.

Sylvia and Jacky: Yes, we definitely motivated them by ensuring that they were not alone and that we are all in this together. And the thought of actually making a difference for mothers and children in Liberia got our team excited and motivated about this campaign. 
Sharing our success story from last year's 10 Days to Zero campaign was also another great way to motivate our team and get them to truly believe that it is possible to raise enough money through personal fundraisers.


Q: What struggles did you face in planning this campaign and your phone-a-thon night? How did you address those barriers? How did you overcome them?

Sylvia and Jacky: The biggest struggle was the thought: "how are we going to keep our members engaged throughout the month?" It was a struggle figuring out creative yet productive ways we could have out members continue to ask for donations. We planned out the exact date, time, and locations for meetings every week, whether it was to have a phone-a-thon or something fun like a movie night. The most important way we overcame these struggles was by being positive and enthusiastic -- as Fundraising Leads, it was our responsibility to encourage our teammates and to keep them pumped up and excited (even if we didn't always feel that way!).

Nick: Many of our members are new to the direct fundraising approach of asking people one-on-one for donations. It was also quite difficult to arrange a time to hold the phone-a-thon because many of our members were busy with the upcoming midterm week.
Together, we worked with new individuals who were uncomfortable with the direct fundraising approach and assisted them to the point in which they were comfortable and motivated on their own. And, as Jack and Sylvia said, we are holding meetings and socials throughout the month and directly contacting members who are not able to attend.

Sylvia and Jacky: It's worked so far! During the phone-a-thon, we thought that it would be difficult to have someone make the first call. But we actually had no problem since many of our members were so willing!

Q: What would be your #1 piece of advice for Leads trying to get their team excited about personal fundraising, which can seem scary and difficult at first glance?

Nick: Keeping the tempo and motivation up during the fundraising month is an extremely effective approach that has helped us. Sylvia, Jacky, and I dedicated some time at the beginning of November to schedule that mixture of meetings, phone-a-thons, and socials throughout the month. By doing this, we've kept a majority of our team on task and also surrounded our members with encouragement as they come across difficulties in their fundraising campaigns.

There is still ample time to coordinate meetings and small events throughout the month for your own team if you have not already done so! And as always, never forget to have fun and enjoy the moments you share with you team!

Sylvia and Jacky: We believe that as long as someone is passionate and truly believes that they are raising funds because it means a lot to them, there will be no problem in running a successful campaign. We thought that sharing how scary and difficult it was for us at first was also helpful; it let new members realize that they weren't the only ones feeling that way.


Thanks to Nick, Sylvia, Jacky and the whole UH Manoa team for all your work, and for chatting with us about your campaign!

A Spotlight on Pleebo Health Center

This week we're also psyched to spotlight our team in at Pleebo Health Center in Liberia, where We Will Deliver! is helping expand access to safe deliveries. Meet Mary Hnede A. Kondy, CHW Peer Supervisor with PIH at Pleebo Health Center. Mary is a Certified Midwife with a Bsc in Public Health, and is also a Certificate Nurse Aid. She helps make sure that things are running smoothly with PIH's programs at the Health Center!
Anthony C. Blay, Community Health Officer with PIH Liberia, spoke with Mary for us:

Anthony: So what do you do here?

Mary: We go into the communities to encourage the pregnant women to come for their antenatal care. We talk to them to at least come and seek antenatal care at the clinic or facility at least four times before delivery. We also encourage them to come to have safe deliveries here at the health center.
We also encourage the postnatal mothers to come and do their check-ups. Some of them deliver at home, some of them deliver at the hospital but they need to come to do their check ups every week with their baby. They come and we examine them, and how the baby is coming.

Anthony: So what would be importance of expanding the hospital to you? The space compared to the patients coming in, everything is ok? 

Mary: Not, everything is not okay! The place here is small, and with only two screeners, we can only take these patients one at a time.  There is a lot of increase of patients coming now. When three, four patients deliver, most of the people we place on the ground because there’s no space. We don’t have space here for these people. We only have three beds in the postnatal room. Sometimes we can have 5 patients, 6 patients, which means these patients we place on the ground -- this is not good for their health. We need an expansion with the help of PIH. 

We Will Deliver!
We're so grateful to the PIH Liberia team, including Anthony and Mary, for working with us on this campaign. It's clear from Mary's words above that our efforts are needed greatly and urgently. We're honored to be part of such an incredible project.

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