Global Day of Action 2014: Events Round Up

To date, our network has hosted 15 phone-a-thons from California to New York and over 17 Ebola Teach-Ins and panels. In addition to the countless strategy meetings and retreats critical to building teams and vision, the PIH Engage community has also held over 40 fundraisers and events to raise awareness and promote activism, and more continue to happen almost daily.


Countless PIH Engage members have participated in the organization of Teach-Ins to help community members understand the details and underlying causes of the Ebola Epidemic.  Renee Cooper of San Diego caught the attention of KBPS (check it out!) as she organized an amazing Teach-In of over 75 individuals on October 14, 2014.

At the Brown University Teach-In, distinguished professors Dr. Mark Lurie, assistant professor of epidemiology and medicine, and Dr. Adia Benton, medical anthropologist specializing in sub-Saharan Africa, addressed a room packed with 150 Brown Students and Providence community members. Their subsequent fundraiser and continued efforts have already raised over $3,000. 

Brown4.JPG  Brown University Teach-In 

The Emory and Greater Atlanta team unified their community by hosting an entire Ebola week, kicking off the activities with a Teach-In to inform community members and inspire action. 

The Harvard Community and Boston Professionals brought together a panel of experts acting locally and internationally to inform a packed hall about the root causes of the epidemic. 

Screen_Shot_2014-10-28_at_4.50.31_PM.pngTeach-In hosted by the Harvard University and Boston Professional Community

At Tufts University, Madison Hafitz said of their teach in: “We are so grateful that Dr. Joia Mukherjee could take time out of her busy schedule to come and educate the Tufts community about the Ebola epidemic.” Liliana Schmitt adds, “our goals were to start from the ground up—to really explain the basics of the Ebola outbreak, and then to draw connections between larger issues of disparities in health systems as well as the failures of our global response.” 

Tufts_Teach_In.pngDr. Joia Mukherjee speaking at the Tufts University Teach-In

Teach-Ins happened at many other universities, in living rooms, and at apartments across the nation and will continue to happen over the course of this campaign. 

Across the nation, groups small and large have come together to make an incredible impact in raising money to support the work of Partners In Health.

The Tufts community got friends and family to pledge over $1,000 to support PIH's Ebola Response. In just a few hours with just a few people, the team was able to make great strides towards reaching fundraising goals and has to date raised almost $3,000.

Hannah_Leiberman_Tufts.pngTufts University Phone-a-Thon 

Steph McKay of Chicago says that with only about 10 people, they were able to raise over $4000 in pledges, with more coming in continually.

Steph_Mckay_Chicago_Phone_a_thon.pngChicago, IL Phone-a-Thon 

Lia Menaker sends this picture from Fort Collins, CO: “This is from our phone-a-thon last night. We only had about 6 of us calling so we had $700 by morning. It's a start! We are hoping to raise it up to $2,500 soon." 

Lia_Menaker_Phone_a_thon.pngFort Collins, CO Phone-a-Thon 

Our amazing high school communities have been making a huge impact. Grace Kunkel and Madeleine Bogart ended their phone-a-thon at Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, OH with over 40 pledges and a huge amount of enthusiasm from classmates and their local community. 

Screen_Shot_2014-10-28_at_5.01.12_PM.png Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, OH Phone-a-Thon

Excitingly, almost 20 rallies, vigils, and actions have been completed in the past two weeks. As Emory University hosted a candlelight vigil in solidarity with those affected by Ebola, SUNY Geneseo in New York hosted a Global Day of Action Rally. 

In Cincinnati, OH Mahima Venkatesh and her community made banners and spread awareness that “Health is…” a human right, life, joy, and fundamental. 

Screen_Shot_2014-10-28_at_5.05.02_PM.pngCincinnati, OH: "Health Is..." Rally

Lia Menaker and her team in Fort Collins, CO held a rally and vigil and said that they saw "some scary reactions but also lots of hope and empathy." They ended the night joining in song as they sung “Amazing Grace” with friends, family, and their greater community.

 Fort Collins, CO Rally and Vigil 

Mike Rose, community coordinator and medical student in Duluth, MN held a March for the Right to Health and was able to unite his community together around this amazing movement. 

Alaina Dougherty in Denver, CO celebrated the Global Day of Action by hosting a small and intimate vigil for Ebola Victims as the Fordham, New York University and Southern Connecticut communities joined in Washington Square Park in solidarity. 

Screen_Shot_2014-10-28_at_5.09.19_PM.png Fordham, New York University and Southern Connecticut Community Candlelight Vigil

Across the globe, rallies and marches took place. PIH Engage chapters hosted marches from Brown University, to Boston, to Flagstaff, AZ. Brittni Howard in Flagstaff took part in the Homecoming Parade:

 Flagstaff, AZ March for the Right to Health

Matt_Zinck_Boston_Rally1.pngMatt_Zinck_Boston_Rally.png Boston Coalition Global Day of Action Rally for the Right to Health 

Check out the Boston Rally in the Daily Free Press and the Article 25 summary of events. The movement is gaining momentum and the campaign is just starting. Send us photos, links to media and updates as you host events! 

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