Global Day of Action Planning Webinar

It was so great to see so many smiling faces at the Global Day of Action planning webinar last night! If you weren’t able to catch it, check it out! It was an amazing show of solidarity and inspiration as we look into the next few weeks. As the Global Day of Action on October 25th quickly approaches, communities across the nation are showing strength as they complete Teach-Ins, Phone-a-Thons, and plan actions that demonstrate the urgency in the movement for the human right to health.



The webinar got off to a great start. Kirby Neuner from Williams College has done an amazing job inspiring leadership in the people around him and shared his experiences hosting a phone-a-thon and subsequent fundraiser, which together raised over $1,500. He spoke about connections made by Williams College community members and the friends and relatives to whom they reached out during the fundraiser. Our personal investments in this movement—the stories of self and individual reasons for acting—are powerful. When shared, our stories join extended communities in solidarity around this movement.

We were lucky to be joined by Amee Amin from, who spoke about the communities internationally who will be holding rallies, teach-ins, marches, and vigils to promote awareness of the crisis that is facing our global society. (Check out the international actions being planned!) PIH Engage is honored to be participating in this movement and in the sending of such an important message.

 As the webinar progressed, Laura Van Dyke from Bainbridge Island, WA and Kate Bjorklund from the Twin Cities, MN shared two very different and both amazingly successful experiences coordinating actions that left an impact on their respective communities.  Laura found a clever way to incorporate humor into the promotion of this fight for the right to health and Kate shared her experiences hosting a beautiful and moving vigil at St. Olaf College.

 Action is the foundation of activism and it is so exciting to see so many inspired individuals unite around the human right to health.

If you haven’t yet, download the Global Day of Action Toolkit! You will find the history of this movement, an explanation of why action is so important, and the step-by-step guidance needed to successfully host an action. And remember, coaches are here to offer support and the PIH Engage Recourses Page has all the toolkits and links posted throughout the year. This movement is important and urgent and the amazing efforts across the nation are so inspiring. Keep up the great work!

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