Check back throughout the year for updated toolkits, webinar recordings, and other materials.

Fundraising Lead Manual: focused on the grassroots fundraising concepts and leadership skills that are indispensable for Fundraising Leads.

We Will Deliver!: Fall 2016 Fundraising campaign to fund operations at Pleebo Health Center in Liberia. See our Fall Fundraising Kickoff and We Will Deliver! webinars for more information, or set up a fundraising page here. 

PIH Engage Fundraising Toolbox: Use this toolbox to find everything you need to hold, submit funds, and report on fundraisers held by the PIH Engage network. 

Tools for Getting Cash and Check Donations to PIH: Use these documents when planning a fundraiser that will involve anyone writing a check to PIH or donating cash. 

  • Donor Thank You Form: Every donor who donates cash should fill out one of these forms. All cash should be collected and converted to a single Cashier's Check at a local bank or store. The Cashier's Check should be mailed to PIH along with ALL of the Donor Thank You Forms. 

  • Donation Reporting Form: There should be ONE Donation Reporting Form sent in each final mailing. On this form, report: (1) The TOTAL amount of money included in the mailing (2) What team the mailing is coming from (3) To which (if any) Personal Fundraising Page online they want this money 

Make a year-round fundraising page: Use this link to make a personal fundraising page for you or your team to use year-round in the 2015-2016 campaign season.  Using this link (and only this link!) will allow us to track your funds raised as part of your, your team's, and the PIH Engage network's efforts!

Public Narrative Guide: Lead your team through a Public Narrative workshop using this guide to Story of Self, Story of Us, and Story of Now.

Strides in Solidarity Toolkit: Plan and execute a Strides in Solidarity run or walk with your community as a culminating fundraiser.

Sponsorship Materials: Many teams will reach out to local businesses and ask for sponsorship or donations for their event. Feel free to use this letter Boston University drafted as a starting point for your own! Also, if businesses ask for PIH's 501(c)3 letter, you can download it here