First Meeting for PIH Engage at Ohio State!

Happy to report that we just had our first PIH Engage Ohio State meeting. We had a turn out of about 25 undergraduates from various studies including public health, biology, business, and social work. It was exciting and inspiring to have a group from varied backgrounds but sharing the same passion for the right to health!



The whole team gathered after their first meeting! 

After explaining some background information about Partners In Health and the PIH Engage movement, we explained the campaign for the year ahead and started brainstorming for the Global Day of Action. We also discussed ways to do start-up fundraising until we can receive funding from our undergraduate student government.

To end off, we had all the members introduce themselves and explain what got them interested in global health and our group.  Looking ahead, we have asked members to join us for the Ebola conference call, have set a general meeting for next week to discuss Ebola, are planning our Article 25 video, and will be having further one-on-one discussion with members interested in leadership roles. We are incredibly excited for the year ahead and the results we hope to bring!


PIH Engage at Ohio State leadership team spells out P-I-H!


Written by Kyle Beuoy

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