Ebola is Raging, Universities are Watching: Webinar Recap and Next Steps

Thank you to all who joined last Thursday’s webinar. It was the most well-attended webinar in PIH Engage history! It is inspiring to unite with so many powerful organizations and strong leaders in this campaign.

By gathering Thursday night, we were able to make some incredible advances. Our presence showed solidarity with those suffering in West Africa. Our enthusiasm for a campaign to mobilize universities to make public statements of support showed hope. We hope that our universities can serve as powerful advocates when acting in accordance with the values they claim to uphold. It is our job to make sure our universities understand that we, their students and staff, are proud of them for supporting efforts to combat Ebola and strengthen health systems in West Africa. 

If you missed the webinar Thursday, find a recording of the webinar here.



Now, we must launch the next steps quickly.

  1. Form and meet with local Ebola Solidarity Teams. Find contact info here.
  2. Research the response of your institution.
  3. Draft a sign-on letter. See the Sample Sign-On Letter and Senate Resolution.
  4. Upload your sign-on letter in the Google Drive.
  5. Engage student groups, alumni, faculty, administrators and others to gain signatures and sign-ons to your letter.
  6. Present the letter to your administration.
  7. Set up a personal fundraising page and continue to fundraise.
  8. Participate actively in the social media campaign with Global Citizen.
  9. Post updates on the PIH Engage Facebook group.

Be sure to read the statement from Yale President Peter Salovey and the Huffington Post Op-Ed by UCSF Affiliated Physicians.

Additionally, here are the slides from Thursday night. We have amazing leadership behind this movement -- from the President of the United States to the head of the World Bank -- and now we need our academic institutions to step up. This moment is critical and we cannot do it without you. 

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