We Will Deliver! Week 1 Spotlight: Colby College

We Will Deliver! kicked off just a few days ago, and our network has already raised over $15,000. That’s over $15,000 raised to help mothers and children in need who are depending on us. Specifically, we've now raised $15,000 towards funding the operations of an expanded Pleebo Health Center to serve over 160,000 people in Liberia. 

The best part is, we’re only getting started.

Katie Irwin from the Colby College team organized a launch event (which included dinner paid for by Colby College) at a coffeehouse on November 1 to kick off her team’s We Will Deliver campaign. She wanted the event to be a “fundraising party” that would double as a bonding event that would build community within her team. In other words, she was determined to make fundraising fun.


 Colby College team members at their We Will Deliver launch party

 From her experience working on a PIH Engage personal fundraising campaign last year, Katie found that people were best engaged if they understood concretely what exactly they were raising money for. People are then able to understand the impact of their work and feel connected to PIH. Katie spent the month of October talking to her team about the We Will Deliver! campaign and reviewed the purpose and impact of the campaign at the start of her launch party as well.

"Sending emails or making [fundraising] phone calls can be nerve-racking at first, but people often surprise you with their generosity" 

- Katie Irwin, Team Coordinator, PIH Engage Colby College

The event began with a mandatory dance party and then everyone worked together to create the letter template for the sending of emails. Once the template was ready, each fundraiser set to work filling in a google spreadsheet with the names and contact information of at least ten people they would send emails to. For people who were nervous, Katie suggested starting with core people who would be supportive such as family and close friends and then expanding outwards from there. Last year, professors were a surprisingly supportive and receptive group for personal fundraising. As Katie put it, “sending emails or making phone calls can be nerve-racking at first but people often surprise you with their generosity.”

Katie plans on following up this initial launch party first with a make-up session Saturday for those who weren’t able to make it, and then with a phone-a-thon this coming Monday, November 7. After that, the Colby team will have recurring email and phone parties so that everyone can continue working together on personal fundraising together instead of alone.

The Colby team has already raised over $2000 and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. We can’t wait to see what they are going to accomplish over the course of the We Will Deliver! campaign.

And the best part? They're having a blast while they do it. As Katie put it "Fundraising for PIH has actually been the most fun part of my week!"

Feeling inspired and motivated by Katie's team and our outstanding network? (We're not surprised!) It's not too late to get started—join in today by opening a fundraising page right now!

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