PIH Engage: Blogging the Year Ahead



We are building the Right to Health movement together. You’ve seen it in action, and so have we. As we continue to build the work of PIH Engage and see progress in fundraising, education, and advocacy, we need a platform to share our successes with each other and help connect new people to the movement.

Introducing: the PIH Engage Blog!

It’s been sitting there, on the top right of the website for over a year now, but now we’re finally ready to dust it off and use it as the tool its always meant to be.

On this blog you’ll find stories from advocates, fundraisers, and community builders from all over our network – sharing their successes and highlighting ways for your team to make an impact. Your team can be highlighted too! Just tell your coach about events that you’re really excited about, fundraisers that are super successful, or advocacy actions that are really cool!

The blog will also have posts from the National team with tips and tricks for organizing your community as well as alerts to new tools and materials for developing your campaign. In case you've forgotten who we are: 


(Left to Right: Jon Shaffer, Sheena Wood, Ortal Ullman, Justin Mendoza, and Adarsh Shah - at our "most serious")

We hope to also feature guests from around the PIH community to share experiences of the work in the field. It is really important to know what is happening on the ground. Staying informed is incredibly helpful to us all in our mission to build our movement.

Thank you all for your ongoing efforts to help change the course of global health and deliver great care to the patients and partners of PIH. We hope this blog is a place for you to truly see the impact and be a part of the change we’re making together. 

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