On TB's Trail in Liberia

A single book tells the story of tuberculosis in Liberia. The ragged hardcover sits on a shelf in a Ministry of Health office in the capital of Monrovia. In it, hand-drawn charts list patient names, ages, vital signs, contact information, treatment dates.

To those fluent in epidemiology, The National Leprosy and TB Control Program Ledger reads like a horror story. An estimated 22,000 people in Liberia are sick with TB. (Similarly sized Costa Rica has 650 cases.) And only five percent are currently on treatment, leaving the respiratory infection to slowly eat away at the lungs of some 19,000 people. Even worse, as featured prominently in the Ledger, 25 of the untreated patients are known to have a nasty, rare, and contagious strain of the bacteria known as multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, or MDR-TB. 

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Training Institute: Recap and Looking Forward to 2016

The Training Institute is a time for PIH Engage leaders and members from all over the country to come together and learn how to make an impact in their local communities. In 2016, the Training Institute will be Friday, August 12 to Sunday, August 14. Sign up information will go out to existing Team Coordinators and applicants for new teams in early 2016. 

See below a recap of the 2015 Training Institute, prepared by Alex Bradbury, Writer/Editor for Partners In Health. 

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#TenDaystoZero: How did we do?

We set a goal. We wanted to raise $250,000 to go towards ending tuberculosis (TB) in PIH's clinical sites worldwide. We gave ourselves ten days. 

The week and a half between November 13th and November 22nd was a powerful demonstration of our collective ability as a grassroots network to take action and build a campaign like nothing we've ever run before.


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#TenDaystoZero Day 8: Team Fundraising Events Recap

One week down and only a few more days to go! We are entering the final push of our Ten Days to Zero campaign, and it is amazing how far we have come since last Friday. For the past week, PIH Engagers around the country have been sending out personal fundraising videos by the dozens, asking friends and family for donations to get closer to our goal of $250,000. At the same time, PIH Engage teams have been sustaining that momentum and continuing to rally support for our causes through exciting fundraising events they have planned in their communities. From phoneathons to social events to (friendly) competitions, the following teams have charged forward in this campaign. You can still get involved!

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Ten Days to Zero Heroes: Frontrunners in Our Campaign

Yesterday was the halfway point for our Ten Days to Zero campaign! We want to take this opportunity to highlight our PIH Engage members and teams who have taken the lead with their personal fundraising pages. These frontrunners have shared with us some of their stories and tips for successand there's still time for you to catch up!

Meet the PIH Engagers who are leading the charge as of this morning, November 18:

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#TenDaystoZero: Launch Day!

This past Friday, November 13th, we launched Ten Days to Zero, our PIH Engage network-wide fundraising campaign to raise $250,000 in support of comprehensive treatment for tuberculosis (TB). Even though such effective treatment exists, TB remains one of the world's deadliest communicable diseases, killing 1.5 million people each year. That's 4000 people a day, an unnecessary and unacceptable statistic.

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A Voice in the Movement for the Right to Health

“Nothing is more terrifying than the thought of losing a newborn and/or a mother on what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of a woman's life.”

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PIH Engage: Blogging the Year Ahead

Yoga Fundraiser in Connecticut

Last Saturday morning, 21 people gathered to attend a Yoga Benefit for PIH led by Erica Tetro-Langer, a certified Yoga instructor who is a member of the Southern Connecticut PIH Engage team. Erica led the class in a particularly meaningful and engaging practice during which she linked the intentions and dedications of yoga with that of PIH through a beautiful presentation of the mission of PIH and selected readings.

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Global Day of Action 2014: Events Round Up

To date, our network has hosted 15 phone-a-thons from California to New York and over 17 Ebola Teach-Ins and panels. In addition to the countless strategy meetings and retreats critical to building teams and vision, the PIH Engage community has also held over 40 fundraisers and events to raise awareness and promote activism, and more continue to happen almost daily.


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