We Will Deliver! Week 1 Spotlight: Colby College

We Will Deliver! kicked off just a few days ago, and our network has already raised over $15,000. That’s over $15,000 raised to help mothers and children in need who are depending on us. Specifically, we've now raised $15,000 towards funding the operations of an expanded Pleebo Health Center to serve over 160,000 people in Liberia. 

The best part is, we’re only getting started.

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Find Your People, Use Your Voice: Reflections from Training Institute 2016

Two weeks ago, we wrapped up our favorite weekend of the year: the PIH Engage Training Institute. Training Institute is the one occasion each year that we get to spend together as a network, learning, growing, thinking, and planning together. There are few greater privileges than spending our days with the outstanding organizers who lead and build the movement for the right to health.

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Carrying the World on Our Shoulders

"The world exploded in my garage. Granted, it was a half-finished, eight-foot in diameter globe made from a weather balloon and paper mache. Within that oozing pile of rubber, soaked paper, and wet flour-water glue contained hours of labor and our PIH float for our Fourth of July parade. The pieces of the world were surprisingly heavy when I gathered them into a trash bag." 

Read more of Jackie McVay's take on an exciting 4th of July Parade for Partners In Health:

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Fundraising with Flair

"There was a moment in the planning process when Jo and I both looked at each other and said, 'Just screw it. You write out a check. I'll write out a check.' Then, we realized it's bigger than that. It's not just about the money." 

- Pat Camuto, PIH Engage Southern Connecticut


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A Passion to Lead: Part Three

Over the past few weeks, you have read about the experiences of newer Team Coordinators and other leaders in the network. In this third and final entry of our "A Passion to Lead" series, we now highlight the specific benefits of working as a Team Coordinator in various types of teams: High School, Undergraduate, and Young Professional. Their stories show that getting involved with PIH Engage has something to offer in every stage of life. 

You, too, can gain leadership experience and further develop your passion for the right to health by joining our PIH Engage community. Apply to become a Team Coordinator here!

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A Passion to Lead: Part Two

This second entry in our series on "A Passion to Lead" broadens our focus to Co-Team Coordinators and other Team Leads, who work side-by-side as a part of the structure of their PIH Engage Teams. Team Coordinators and Team Leads all know firsthand what it means to work as a unit and contribute to a larger goal. Their reflections on working with PIH Engage are moving and unique and will hopefully encourage you to apply to become a Team Coordinator here!

Read about their experiences below!


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Strides in Solidarity

3... 2... 1... Go!

Across the country, PIH Engage teams have been lacing up their running shoes and taking to track fields and parks for "Strides in Solidarity," a 5K race or walk-a-thon to show solidarity with PIH community health workers around the world. In this blog post, we have highlighted two Strides events that happened this month in Madison, WI and Boston, MA. We asked the main organizers what made their event so successful, and this is what they had to say: 

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A Passion to Lead: Part One

In this series of blog posts titled "A Passion to Lead" we will hear from different Team Coordinators and Team Leads about how they have been shaped by their various experiences of getting involved with PIH Engage. These individuals have stepped up to the challenge of driving their teams forward in the movement for the right to health, and you can too by applying to be a new Team Coordinator here

This first entry of the series focuses on new Team Coordinators who took on leadership of their team within the past campaign year. New leaders face particular challenges and learn on their feet about how to best organize their members towards action. These leaders have brought their insightful views to the table to describe what the first year as a Team Coordinator is like. 

See what they had to say below:

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Personal Fundraising: Reflections from Myriam Shehata

Ten Days to Zero was a campaign ran by the PIH Engage network from November 13-22, 2015. Together, our teams brought in 1,873 individual donations on 361 campaign pages. In total, we raised more than $101,000 during those ten days, and $113,808 by the time personal fundraising pages closed on January 10, 2016. 

As members of this movement, personal fundraising is the most powerful tool we have to raise funds for the work of PIH and the broader mission of global health equity. Below is a reflection by our top fundraiser, PIH Engage Vanderbilt Team Coordinator Myriam Shehata, about her team's experience with personal fundraising:

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Health for Haiti: Chicago Team Holds Event to Mark 6th Anniversary of Earthquake

A few weeks ago, the Chicago young professionals team hosted a successful fundraising and community-building event. Read Aric Shimek’s (Community-Building Lead) summary of this event below: 

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