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PIH Engage Media Sweep: May 2017

The second edition of the PIH Engage Media Sweep highlights important announcements including Training Institute registration and team transition details. We also want to showcase the amazing Strides in Solidarity events that have happened since the April Sweep and provide resources to keep you engaged during the summer months!

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PIH Engage Media Sweep: April 2017

What is a Media Sweep?

This is a new monthly quick-to-read broadcast highlighting the important events, advocacy, and successes from across PIH Engage!

We hope this will serve as a tool to connect and inform teams across the network; celebrating our work and inspiring our organizing efforts! Feedback on this Media Sweep and future sweeps is welcomed and appreciated!

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Inspired and Inspirational

On December 17, 2016, 170 scholars and 6 teacher-leaders at Del Lago Academy wrapped up their first fundraising campaign for Partners In Health. From Sunny Escondido, CA, this passionate group took on the challenge of communicating the messages of Partners In Health by hosting their own 5K Strides in Solidarity and a benefit concert. 

In all, combined with personal fundraising efforts, Del Lago Academy raised over $4,000 for Partners In Health's work. This was enough to cover the space and purchasing of an entire recovery bed for mothers after they deliver a baby in one of PIH's maternity wards at the Pleebo Health Center in Liberia. Read more to hear about the people who decided to make an impact.

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Introducing: the PIH Engage Steering Committee!

In 2017, for the first time, PIH Engage is empowering a group of strong leaders from around the network to take on unique roles that will help guide the future of our grassroots organization. These leaders come from many different backgrounds around the network and from all over the country.

In this blog post, we're excited to introduce you to the Steering Committee members who will serve through 2017, and we hope you're as excited as we are to envision the future of PIH Engage together with them.

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A Moral Imperative to Reach Every Mother and Child

The Bainbridge Island Youth team of PIH Engage, made up of students from Bainbridge Island High School and Eagle Harbor High School, came together in late November with a chance to meet Representative Derek Kilmer (D-WA), one of the co-authors of the Reach Every Mother and Child Act (H.R. 3706). In this blog post, we highlight the interaction these students had with Representative Kilmer, their key takeaways, and a brief update on where the PIH Engage network is on this important legislation. 

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We Will Deliver Wrap Up

We Will Deliver: Wrapping Up

It is December, and the We Will Deliver! campaign has officially wrapped up. As a network, we smashed our fundraising goal of 100,000 dollars for the expansion of Pleebo Health Center in Liberia and raised a whopping 123,000 dollars. That is $123,000 for the Pleebo Health Center and $123,000 for the mothers and children who desperately need it for safe deliveries. $123,000 from over 2000 generous donors and raised by 450 incredible fundraisers. We, as a network, have much to celebrate and be proud of. Not to mention the fact that the first $100,000 was matched - so our impact as a network goes even farther! 

We promised we’d deliver with this campaign, and that is exactly what we did.

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We Will Deliver! Week 4 Spotlight: University of Georgia

Starting a new PIH Engage team is not always an easy task. A new Team Coordinator leaves the annual Training Institute with ideas, passion for change, and a plan to go home and recruit people on their campus or community to the movement for the right to health. But many times it can take longer than you hope to really build up steam. 

This week we're highlighting a brand new PIH Engage team at the University of Georgia, and their efforts in the We Will Deliver! personal fundraising campaign. Read more to see their perspectives, and the perspectives of Benjamin Aloysius, the Lab Supervisor with the County Health Team at Pleebo Health Center, where funds from the campaign will help expand much needed capacity. 

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We Will Deliver! Week 3 Spotlight: Washington's Summit in Solidarity

We’re just finishing up our third week of We Will Deliver with nearly 70,000 dollars of our 100,000 dollar goal. We’re going to need some big final pushes from everyone over the next week and a half if we’re going to reach our goal for the mothers and children in Maryland County, Liberia.

In order to inspire you and get your fundraising gears turning for your last fundraising efforts over the course of this month, we’re sharing highlights from a cool and exciting fundraising event called Summit in Solidarity hosted by the Washington area PIH Engage Teams and then also share some more from a community health worker on the ground at the Pleebo Health Center.

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We Will Deliver! Week 2 Spotlight: Hawaii

We're coming to the end of week 2 here are We Will Deliver! campaign headquarters, and we're psyched to see how many teams have been making huge strides towards their campaign fundraising goal.

We've got plenty of teams who have surpassed the $1,000 mark, and with nearly 200 active fundraisers, we're a third of our way to our network-wide goal of $100,000 for the month!

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