Advocacy Lead Manual: Focused on the global health advocacy concepts and leadership skills that are indispensable for Advocacy Leads.

Public Narrative Guide: Lead your team through a Public Narrative workshop using this guide to Story of Self, Story of Us, and Story of Now.

Making Global Health Champions: Campaign Topics


How a Bill Becomes Law: An overview from Vote Smart on the legislative process. 

Congressional Power Research Tools: Use the tools at this link to research your member of Congress' views and assess their ability to be a champion for your cause. 


Federal Appropriations:

Federal Appropriations One-Pager: A quick guide to understanding the federal appropriations process, its importance, and how we can influence it.


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Toolkit: Learn what an LTE is, how to write and submit one, and get some guidelines for crafting an effective letter.  Use LTEs to amplify your voice through published media and gain attention for important issues from your elected officials.

Letters to the Editor Webinar: Watch to learn how to write letters to the editor and use these tools to speak through the media to our elected officials. This is an opportunity to learn a new skill that you can put immediately into action for PIH Engage's advocacy efforts.

Letters to the Editor Worksheet: After reading through the LTE toolkit (above), you can use this worksheet to practice with your team!

Meetings with Congress

Meeting with Congress Toolkit: Step-by-step guide to schedule, plan, and execute a successful meeting with your elected officials. 

Meeting with Congress Presentation: Teach your PIH Engage team how to set up and execute a meeting with your elected officials. Complete with slide deck and facilitation guide.