#TenDaystoZero Day 8: Team Fundraising Events Recap

One week down and only a few more days to go! We are entering the final push of our Ten Days to Zero campaign, and it is amazing how far we have come since last Friday. For the past week, PIH Engagers around the country have been sending out personal fundraising videos by the dozens, asking friends and family for donations to get closer to our goal of $250,000. At the same time, PIH Engage teams have been sustaining that momentum and continuing to rally support for our causes through exciting fundraising events they have planned in their communities. From phoneathons to social events to (friendly) competitions, the following teams have charged forward in this campaign. You can still get involved!

​Harvard University


Harvard University's PIH Engage team meeting with Kate Moore (center), Regional Director for Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), pairing #TenDaystoZero fundraising with their advocacy goals.

Over the past week, the PIH Engage team at Harvard University has held multiple fundraisers at local restaurants in addition to a phone-a-thon that raised an incredible $1300 in just a few hours. On top of all that, they have held a "friendly" competition with rival school, Yale University, challenging each other to see who can raise the most money to end TB. Check out the standings here.

Nick Seymour, Team Coordinator, describes his team's fundraising approach:

"I think fundraising is typically thought of in terms of the fundraiser trying to convince potential donors that the cause is worthy. The turning point for our team was when a small number of initial donors were already convinced that health is a human right and gave more generously than we could have imagine. When a student working 30 hours a week tells us that she'll contribute her next full paycheck, that convinces us that we need to push harder and reach out to more people. Our campaign was very much propelled by our donors."

Ohio State University


Members of the PIH Engage team at OSU tirelessly making calls to potential donors during their phoneathon.

The PIH Engage team at Ohio State had a Launch Party on Monday, November 16th to set up their personal fundraising pages as well as to organize the people they planned on contacting over the course of the week. On Tuesday, they held a phone-a-thon to reach out to many of those individuals, which worked really well because it was a planned time for the entire team to sit down together and devote their energies to fundraising for the campaign. They managed to raise $3,000 in that event alone!

Team Coordinator Max Conrad, had the following to say about the event and fundraising in general:

"It was really cool to see everyone else having success during that time! Fundraising during the Ten Days to Zero campaign is a blast! It's great to see everyone from around the nation come together to raise money for something that will make such an impact on so many peoples' lives. My friends and family really enjoyed the 'personal touch' that the Change Heroes site brought to the table. Sending the personal videos to everyone that I knew was very easy and made a big impact on their desire to donate!"

University of Delaware


The PIH Engage UDel team getting a little goofy at their #TenDaystoZero fundraising event.


A musical performance at University of Delaware's Coffee House, whose proceeds are going towards ending TB.

At the University of Delaware, the PIH Engage team held a Coffee House! Students performed music, dance, and comedy acts while others watched and enjoyed some coffee and snacks. They raised an amazing $550 through ticket sales and had an overall successful event!

With creativity and passion, these teams have fully committed to Ten Days to Zero and the fight to end TB.

And yours can too! With just a couple of days left in our campaign, there is still time to make personal fundraising videos or just donate yourself. Let's finish this campaign with a bang!

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