2014 PIH Engage Training Institute Recap

During the weekend of September 4th - 7th, 2014 more than 150 students, teachers, professionals, and activists gathered at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School to build power—power that will build the social movement for equality in global health care. At Partners In Health, we believe that health is a human right. This weekend, representatives from 34 states kicked off what will be an amazing year of grassroots advocacy and fundraising by PIH Engage. Our goal: transform our nation’s fight for global health equity.

The third annual Training Institute was a booming success. With the exciting addition of almost 60 high school and university FACE AIDS chapters, PIH Engage has experienced exponential growth in numbers and enthusiasm. Over the course of the weekend, community organizers and PIH staff worked together to create a web of relationships and strategy to expand the movement for the right to health to local communities across the nation.

Read the Training Institute Participant Packet and training materials here. 

Keynote speaker Dr. Joia Mukherjee kicked off the weekend by lighting a fire fueled by history, passion, and solidarity.  David Whalen, Chief Development Officer, showed the power of individual contribution and small gifts which comprise 72% of charitable donations nationally. With representatives from Zanmi Lasante, PIH’s Haitian sister organization, Alabama, Missouri, and China, the energy and vigor of our solidarity was overwhelming. 

As Ophelia Dahl and Dr. Paul Farmer shared their own reasons for fighting, community organizers’ and all of the weekend’s participants understood how our own stories are interconnected and create a Story of Us. Together, we are compelled to fight and have joined forces to advocate for global health policy change. This year, we work to generate resources, political power, and solidarity needed to support Partner In Health’s urgent work and the movement for global health equity. Stay tuned and find a PIH Engage chapter near you!

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