PIH Engage aims to build the right to health movement by growing and amplifying PIH's work to advance the right to health globally.

Partners In Health builds health care delivery systems and serves the poor; PIH Engage brings resources and builds power to stabilize the financing of these systems globally.  We recruit and train teams of volunteer organizers to raise funds and engage with policy makers, focusing all of our actions on the three pillars of PIH Engage: advocacy, fundraising, and education. 

We've set big goals for this year, and are eager to have you join us in an making an impact.

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Annual Review 2015-2016

We wanted to show you what happens when over 600 active volunteers across the U.S. fight for global health equity. Download the 2015-2016 Annual Review to read about our incredible network, meet some of our volunteer leaders, and learn how our staff in Boston supports the work of Engagers year-round.


Click here to download our 2015-2016 Annual Review

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Jun 13, 2017

PIH Engage Media Sweep: May 2017

The second edition of the PIH Engage Media Sweep highlights important announcements including Training Institute registration and team transition details. We also want to showcase the amazing Strides in Solidarity events that have happened since the

Apr 10, 2017

PIH Engage Media Sweep: April 2017

What is a Media Sweep? This is a new monthly quick-to-read broadcast highlighting the important events, advocacy, and successes from across PIH Engage! We hope this will serve as a tool to connect and inform teams across...

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