PIH Engage aims to build the right to health movement by growing and amplifying PIH's work to advance the right to health globally.

Partners In Health builds health care delivery systems and serves the poor; PIH Engage brings resources and builds power to stabilize the financing of these systems globally.  We recruit and train teams of volunteer organizers to raise funds and engage with policy makers, focusing all of our actions on the three pillars of PIH Engage: advocacy, fundraising, and education. 

We've set big goals for this next year. Find a team near you or sign up above to join our work! This year, we aim to: 


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Urge presidential candidates to stand up for Global Health

Do you want to see the next president lead with a progressive global health agenda? Endorse the call below!

Join PIH Engage and our partner organizations AMSA, RESULTS, Health GAP, Public Citizen, Wound Clinic La Casa del Centro, and the Student Global AIDS Campaign in asking all 2016 U.S. presidential candidates to pledge to bring development, security, equity, and justice to impoverished people in countries struggling with health crises. No matter which candidate wins the election, we need to let them know that health care for the poor is a high priority.  

Please scroll down or click here to endorse the pledge below as an individual, and help us make global health justice an election issue in 2016.

In addition to lending your personal support, ask your organization to endorse too!



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Presidential Pledge for a Healthier, More Secure, and AIDS-free World

Our next president has the opportunity to transform U.S. global health strategy, and build a world free from AIDS, able to rapidly contain outbreaks like Ebola, and where poor people's right to health is realized. I endorse the pledge below, and urge all candidates to endorse it as well.




 Current organizational endorsements: 

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Feb 12, 2016

Iowa caucus with a cause

During the last week of January, a group of dedicated PIH Engage members from seven midwest teams led a charge through the pre-caucus events in Iowa. Over the course of six jam-packed days of training, building campaign skills, and birddogging...

Jan 05, 2016

On TB's Trail in Liberia

A single book tells the story of tuberculosis in Liberia. The ragged hardcover sits on a shelf in a Ministry of Health office in the capital of Monrovia. In it, hand-drawn charts list patient names, ages, vital signs, contact information,...

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